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Flying Get!

My most recent Cdjapan order, AKB48’s latest single ‘Flying Get’, or as the Japanese pronounce it, Frying Ghetto 😛 Apparently ‘flying get’ is Japanese slang for pre-ordering an item before it’s release… the things I learn from Tokyohive 😛 This single made an Oricon record, selling over 1 million copies it’s first day.  The song is pretty damn catchy and the additional b sides make this a great release. The dvd comes with music videos for all three songs plus an extended movie edition of Flying Get that runs about 18 minutes. The long version is decent, but if you don’t like watching a bunch of girls sitting around in a dojo eating noodles and potstickers for 5 minutes straight, this video isn’t for you. I ordered the Type A limited edition, which comes with an application card as well as a Cdjapan bonus photo (both pictured above). And if that wasn’t enough, just a couple weeks after Flying Get, AKB announced another single for October 12th. Hopefully it’ll be as awesome as this one xD


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