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Beni – Eien Preview

Being the forgetful person I am, I totally forgot about Beni’s new single ‘Eien’. It’s supposed to come out in January- hot on the heels of her album, as has been a time-honored tradition. Her 4th album (under Avex) ‘Fortune’ just came out at the end of November last year… so yeah, she’s not wasting any time. I have to admit, I don’t get very excited for her singles because they usually are pale in comparison to the rest of the songs of the era when the full album is released. Also, I’ve been a bit miffed with her lately because she doesn’t branch out- she’s had pretty much the same sound for 4 records now, and although I enjoy most of the songs, I’m getting pretty bored with her stuff. Fortune at least had a few surprises that were nice for a change. Hopefully she’ll continue this and stop releasing songs like Suki Dakara as singles D:< Anyway, here’s the short PV preview that has been uploaded. I actually like the song so far, even though it’s typical Beni. It has a very nice charm to it. The video also looks to be very well done. Hopefully she’ll do better with this release!



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