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Happy New Year!!!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted- hopefully I will rectify this in the future 😛 2011 has been an awesome year in music, and I’m proud to report there were many exemplary releases this year 😀 Still, we have plenty of releases to look forward to in 2012 and my wallet isn’t happy! D:< I have yet to post a lot of pictures of items I’ve acquired this year, and I will do so very soon! So far, I’ve pre-ordered 2 releases for this year- Lecca’s new album ‘Step One’ and Monica’s ‘New Life’. I will most certainly post pictures of those when I receive them. As far as other artists go, here are some other awesome things that await us for 2012:


Nana Mizuki – Syncrogazer (single)

Koda Kumi – Japonesque (album)

SKE48 – Katamoi Finally (single)

Rodrigo y Gabriela – Area 52 (album)

Ingrid Michaelson – Human Again (album)

One For You! – Yuu Kikkawa (album)


AKB48 – TBA (single)

Meisa Kuroki – Unlocked (album)

AI – Independent (album)

Mayu Watanabe – Shinkuro Tokimeki (single)


Capsule – TBA (album)


Janelle Monae – (possibly 2 albums- Janelle said so herself!)

Mary J Blige – My Life 2 (Act 2)

Marina and the Diamonds – Electra Heart (Still no date given, and a few days ago it came to my attention Marina stated on twitter that the album won’t be coming out in February :/)

Ayumi Hamasaki – inevitable album for 2012 ( it’s gonna come out, the question is when… and how much $ x.x.)

Santigold – TBA (we should be getting details soon. Not too long ago she stated that she finished the cover shoot for the album and completed a music video)

Eve – Lip Lock (Date is still TBA… in November she said it would come out in 2012… soooooo… March maybe? Idk, not gonna believe anything she says till it’s actually released since this record was originally supposed to come out in 2007-2008)


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