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LOL! & Spice Limited Editions

I received these 2 cds quite a while ago. One is Meisa Kuroki’s LOL!, the other, Perfume’s Spice. I ordered Spice the day pre-order links went up (around Sept 5th) then got to wait til Nov 2nd for it to be released…. in the meantime, I accidentally stumbled upon Meisa’s discography page on Cdjapan and noticed the LOL! limited edition was still in stock!!! I clicked, and sure enough there was one copy left! I snatched that sucker up in an instant- yet another item I’ve gotten the LAST copy of 😛 LMAO. The only thing that sucked about this order is that it was manhandled on its journey- the box was punctured in several places and since they placed the poster for Spice at the top, it got squished and had awful creases 😦 Fortunately for me, after contacting customer support I got additional apology points in return 😀 I also asked for the regular edition of Spice for Christmas so hopefully I could have an intact poster- and thank heavens it arrived unharmed! Anyways, enjoy the pics!


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