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Monica’s ‘New Life’

Well, I must say I am going to be impatient throughout the whole month of February waiting for Monica’s new album to drop. I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t know about her sooner, as I only discovered her from her last album :/ lol shame on me! Anyways, ‘New Life’ is supposed to drop on Feb 21st and it looks like it’ll be super awesome! It also came to my attention a couple of weeks ago that there is a ‘fan edition’ available for pre-order through Monica’s official site 😀 The perks of the fan edition are an alternate cover printed on nice gold paper —–> and if pre-ordered by January 16th you can have your or someone else’s name added to the album booklet. Pretty cool! I’m more in it for the cover, since it is ridiculously amazing and puts the normal cover to shame. So yeah, I’m pretty excited 😛 It’s nice to be anticipating something non-asian since, for the most part, western music hasn’t really been delivering the goods :/


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