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Top Albums of 2011 (Part 2)

Alrighty! Here’s the second part of my 2011 album countdown. Hope you enjoy! 😀

15. Soul Quest – Misia

I had known about Misia for a while, but never really listened to her. I was missing out big time! Her voice is one of the clearest, purest you will ever hear. Soul Quest mixes the old with the new and produces a group of very high quality songs. For the most part, the album is slower. I think this would be the only thing I would change about this release. I was hoping she would have more songs like This is Me and Edge of This World, but I was still very impressed by the songs present. The only one that’s a bit meh for me would be Kioku. It’s a lovely song, but I have to be in the right mood to listen to it.

14. Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

Of course, no year is complete without a Kelly Clarkson album! Again she has proved her abilities with her 5th studio album. All the songs on this record are worth a listen, and some blow the headphones right off your ears! This record isn’t just insanely catchy, the depth and meaning of each track makes this album truly an amazing release. I also feel really bad for her, as she has really struggled with leaks Dx Otherwise, this effort is pure amazing!

13. Su – Mao Abe

Mao really impressed me with this release! I had been a fan of hers since her previous album and since I hadn’t purchased it, I wanted to be sure I’d support her this time around! I definitely don’t regret it. Su is a fabulous progression of her talent and shows it with its refined tracks and excellent cohesion.  There are a lot of artists walking around with a guitar and singing, but Mao has something special. The only disarming thing about her music is her voice- which is very high pitched and squeaky. She uses it well, but I can understand how that can scare away some listeners. The blend of songs on this release is very well done and also more mature than her last effort.  Mao certainly holds her own as an artist, and I can’t wait to hear what she’ll come up with next!

12. Sueño Electro 2 – Belanova

Latin power! Belanova is finally back with the second half of Sueño Electro! It’s a wonderful progression from part 1 and also adds a bit more variety that the other lacked. I hope they will continue to evolve as they progress in their career, since it looks like they’re really sticking with relatively the same sound. I love how they snuck a couple traditional latin tunes in there along with all the synths and pop! If Belanova doesn’t have you grooving, you have some serious issues 😛

11. Destiny – Beckah Shae

This album really came out of left field! I had a couple of singles of Beckah’s prior to the album release and was enjoying them immensely. I normally don’t care for Christian music, and I’m a bit surprised I listen to this so much, but this isn’t the typical gospel nonsense that makes you want to puke. It’s catchy and praises the Lord at the same time! Even if you’re not a believer or whatever, I highly recommend checking out her music. It gets you on your feet and doesn’t make your brain instantly flash back to the gag-inducing numbers you had to perform and listen to at chapel gatherings. Three cheers for Beckah!

The last 2 parts coming soon! Thanks for your patience!


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