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Top Albums of 2011 (Part 3)

Sorry for the delay of posting, here is the next installment!

10. Evanescence – Evanescence

Extremely thrilled Evanescence finally came back! And dang, they really came back! While stylistically they have changed very little, the production and quality of the songs is truly amazing.  Amy’s voice is incredible as usual and this album is just pure win 😀

9. Sahara Hotnights – Sahara Hotnights

I was very surprised with Sahara Hotnight’s latest effort. I mean, their albums just kinda pop up and it’s like ‘Oh! Hi! I must listen to you!!’ 😛 I was afraid this would be a bland and boring effort, but this album ended up delivering on a major level. It exemplifies their talent as a group and is a much more mature release compared to their other efforts. I also think it’s their most cohesive record- the flow is perfection! I was shocked that I enjoyed all of the songs, as it’s been a trend I only care for about half of the material on each of their previous albums.

8. 8EIGHT8 – Kaela Kimura

Kaela delivers once again! I was so excited when she finally announced her new album last year, and it was everything I expected and more! 😀 I absolutely love her fun quirky style. Her songs are incredibly infectious and will perk you up even on your worst day. I had a great time listening to this and now I urge everyone else to go listen to it too! The Halloween/spider theme is really cute and the first press limited edition came with a color web slipcase, the color depending on the store purchased at. So happy she finally returned to the music scene and can’t wait to hear what she’ll come up with next!

7. 21 – Adele

Adele really impressed me with this album. I think it far surpasses her first effort, 19. Her voice is absolutely incredible and her songs are inspiring, catchy, and just pure awesome! I have to admit, I grew a bit tired of it through the year, as it was highly overplayed- but that doesn’t change the quality of this release! Adele is an incredible artist, and I am extremely happy she achieved such success with this album. I wish her the best in her musical career. Highly anticipating her next installment! 😀

6. World of Fantasy – Capsule

All hail Capsule! They have done it again, and came back better than ever! This release suffered a couple setbacks, as it was set to be released in March of 2011. Then the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, and the album was pushed back to May 25th. The album was originally title Killer Wave, but obviously that would not be an appropriate name after such a disaster. That aside, I loved the energy and cohesion of this album!  I was surprised that I enjoyed all the tracks, because like Sahara Hotnights, I only find myself liking about half of the material on their albums. This album completely slayed! Everything about this release is just awesome! Such a great comeback from Player! Now let’s hope their new album this year brings it!


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