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Updates, Random Crap, and Dilemmas… :P

Ok, so there’s a bunch of crap to cover- might as well make this a mega post! Ok, so first of all, updates! There aren’t many concrete ones, but at least many are beginning to take form! Marina and the Diamonds has finally announced she is finished mixing her album and now is only waiting for a release date! This is excellent news! Finally something, and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get it! Apparently Ayumi’s been busy filming pvs, doing an album cover shoot, and recording 12 new songs- oh, and getting divorced. Monica’s label decided to delay ‘New Life’ til March 6th, which isn’t really that bad. As long as they don’t pull any Ciara release crap I won’t have a problem! I also just learned that Enya has an album in the works as well… apparently it’s supposed to be released this year and allegedly she’s recording with a choir??? Guess we’ll find out soon enough how that turns out! Meisa Kuroki released a digest part 1 for her upcoming album Unlocked.  Honestly, not that impressed. It’s also hard to tell since the clips are really short to begin with. Still, the previously released singles sound strongest. Hopefully my opinion can be changed! Just got an email from Santigold’s site today which came with a link to download her new song ‘Big Mouth’ for free! It’s a pretty awesome track! The official video is on Youtube, and yes, it’s weird 😛 I’m also dying to hear Lecca’s new album! So far no other leaks or info have been released 😦 This has prompted me to cancel my order for her album- for now. I’d like to make sure that it’s worthy of purchasing, because if not I’d like to have that extra cash to spring for some Perfume merch! Besides, there’s no epic first press that comes along with it- just an application card, which is useless to anyone outside Japan >.< And of course, Perfume began their JPN tour on the 14th! I thought the setlist was very good, although it would have been nice if GAME and Natural ni Koishite were included… oh well! The lame part is that under the manager’s voice tab on their site, Tokuma asked people not to reveal setlists and details about the tour…really?! Well, it’s too late for that! >:D but Tokuma is seriously a buzz kill. It looks like this tour is epic and I really want to get my hands on some goods! I’ve never purchased goods from any artist before, so that’s probably why I’m a bit more excited 😛 lol I absolutely want to get the tour pamphlet, which looks INCREDIBLE!  I’m also debating whether I have enough money to spring for a shirt as well, otherwise I may end up going with the towel. If I don’t order Lecca’s album, at least for now, then it shouldn’t be a problem to get the pamphlet and a shirt 🙂 The only other terror that lurks is whatever limited edition Ayu has in the works for her album, cause if it has anything to do with a usb or other epicness, I must own it! LOL And yes, I am still looking for that elusive job. Hopefully soon I can get one! Wish me luck!


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