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Top Albums of 2011 (Part 4)

Ok, here are my top 5 albums for last year! Hope you like them!

5. Metals – Feist

Of course it wouldn’t be 2011 without Feist! I was ecstatic when I heard she would be releasing her third album 😀 I seriously loved The Reminder and was ready for her latest installment- and she delivered!- Well, for me at least. Metals is a much more raw and folksy sounding album, so naturally it probably won’t appeal to as many people as her previous effort. At first listen, yes this can be a bit boring, but once you get past the slower arrangements you can fully appreciate the instrumentation and quality of all the tracks. It only took a couple listens to win me over, and I’m so glad it did! I really liked how she took a different style with this release, as too many artists now are recycling the same sound for numerous records. Feist is incredible and I hope she blows us away with her next release too!

4. Ceremonials – Florence & the Machine

Florence is back! Even just after seeing the cover for this album I knew it was going to be an incredible release! She really took it to the next level- the production, vocals and instrumentation were all spot on! Ceremonials is a very worthy sequel to her already amazing debut album, and in many ways she has improved with this record. Tunes like What the Water Gave Me, Spectrum, No Light No Light, and Shake it Out are pure awesome, and given you have taste (jk), will get stuck in your head all day!

3. Hakobune: Ballads in Me – Lecca

Technically this is a mini-album, but who cares! It has the caliber of a full album and shows what Lecca is all about! Lecca is probably one of the most unique artists I’ve listened to, and it’s not just her distinctive voice that singles her out (although that is a key identifier.) Her way with words is astonishing, and even though she’s speaking Japanese there’s no defying the incredible flow she has. Each song on this record is seriously worthy of its own single! Now, if only we could hear her new album in full!

2. JPN – Perfume

Ok, well there’s no denying I’m obsessed with Perfume- and I only discovered them in March! I was hooked in by their single Nee, believe it or not 😛 I’m actually slightly happier I got introduced to them a little later, since this era in particular was a long time in the making. I mean their first single for this album came out in April 2010… the album release date- November 30th 2011. Really my only disappointment with this album was that there were too many singles. All the songs were incredible, don’t get me wrong. JPN has 5 singles, 2 of which are double-A sides and 2 which are treated as such. That’s really my only gripe. It was awesome that Laser Beam and GLITTER got album mixes, so at least there was a little more ‘new’ material 😛 JPN is definitely one badass album!

1. Mind Travel – Superfly

Ok, drum roll please! And 1st place goes to Superfly! It’s been almost 2 years since her last album, and DANG she brought it!!! I’ve loved her style ever since her first album and she has kept evolving and getting better with each release. She fuses the past seamlessly with the present and progresses with every song she makes. This album simply is perfect! No duds, no fillers, just pure EPIC! I can’t wait to hear what else she has in store for us this year, as she already has another amazing single that dropped in October. Maybe another album release… or is that just wishful thinking on my part?! Mind Travel is hands down the best record of year!


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