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Anticipations, Updates, Expectations and other Nonsense :P

Ok, this year is turning into a really promising one- and an expensive one! Dx Lots of releases and rumors about releases. Well, at least rumors are better than nothing! Too many things to anticipate, many of which I have talked about (at least a little). Marina is still egging us on with Electra Heart… I really hope we get some news on this soon. An ‘official’ pic released a few weeks ago doesn’t cut it. Pretty much every artist stateside hasn’t had any real updates. I look forward to listening to Ingrid Michaelson’s new album tomorrow though- or, 10 pm I should say! Hooray timezone on itunes win! 😀 I’m also bummed that Lecca’s album hasn’t leaked yet :/ However, I should at least be able to preview it on itunes Japan when I get home from school 🙂 Meisa Kuroki still has yet to wow me with her song digests (aka 2 seconds of each new track D:<) Some sound pretty awesome and some really bad, but it’s also hard to tell considering there is so little of a preview for each one- except for the released singles (of course). I’m really digging AKB48’s new single ‘Give Me Five!’ IDC if it’s a glitchy radio rip, I still love it! Curious to see how Mayu’s debut single will turn out. And, my order plans have changed- yet again <eye rolls> I ended up caving and buying Koda Kumi’s Japonesque CD+2DVD edition. It just looks so awesome and the songs are great! I’ve never actually liked an entire Kumi album before this. And the first press goodies were too cool to resist. You get a clear folder file (I’ve seen this for a lot of artists, but this will be my first one) a code to access a site- which hopefully will work outside Japan, and digipack packaging with an obi strip. I should still be getting Perfume’s JPN tour pamphlet, but I am relinquishing the shirt- for now at least. I’m still dreading what Avex is concocting for Ayu’s next release. I want it to be affordable- and awesome! Throwing in a stupid fuzzy mini purse does not fall under that category D:< Also, breaking news! Superfly will have a new single April 4th! This comes with a twist though, as it is being package released with her latest tour dvd. So there will be 4 options- just the dvd or blu ray, or dvd or blu ray plus the cd. I really like this concept, and hopefully I can afford this by the time it’s released! The +cd versions are only 200 more yen than the dvd or blu ray only, so that part is a no brainer 😛 Oh, and it’s called ‘Shout in the Rainbow!!’ 😀


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