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Ingrid Michaelson’s ‘Human Again’ First Impressions- Me Likey!

After listening to this effort in full, I can definitely say it is awesome. In fact, I think it’s better than her last release. As a whole, Human Again is more cohesive and I think a more enjoyable listen than her previous effort. Of course there were a couple tracks that didn’t do much for me, as there usually always is with any artist. However, I may actually find myself purchasing this- iTunes or maybe a physical copy if it has the bonus tracks πŸ˜› Also, I’ve listened to a a few other things from this iTunes update, and it’s actually a pretty good week! There’s a good amount of material released and the single of the week, and it’s Spanish counterpart are download worthy- shock! (This is the part of the post where I go completely off topic :D) I’ve also found that I like Kellie Pickler’s new album! Who’d of thought?! I do listen to some country, but I’m very selective about it. I might have to get this too! I still haven’t used my Visa gift card I got for Christmas, so that might come in handy! I tried to use the card for a small Cdjapan purchase, but apparently Japan isn’t an American enough of a transaction for Visa… >.> I also previewed Rodrigo y Gabriela’s ‘new’ release and wasn’t very impressed. As it turns out, unbeknownst to me, they basically got a whole orchestra like section to re-do the songs. Sorta interesting, but not really πŸ˜› Oh! I forgot to mention this in the last update, but Nicki Minaj delayed Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded until April 3rd. That’s ok, I can live til then. And apparently this is still a completely new album, not a re-release like the title suggests. So yeah, there’s that to look forward to. I’m a little more interested now that it seems like it will be a studio album, not a gimmick.


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