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Alicia Keys’ Mysterious Album

So, I’m still waiting for Alicia to announce something about her album. Of course, the little flyer that came with my Songs in A Minor collector’s edition /said/ an album would be out in December 2011. Obviously that was a lie šŸ˜› Honestly I had forgotten about her album, as I’ve been very occupied with a bunch of others LOL! But I finally decided to investigate, and the album is up for pre-order- no details or anything yet. It hinted at there being other Alicia site exclusives down the line when info actually gets updated. So for now, I’m kind of indifferent. Maybe after she releases a single, and the album name/cover art AND the tracklisting (plus any bonus goodies :D) my interest may be sparked šŸ˜› For now though, my Alicia radar is dormant.


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