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AI Reveals More Details About Her Album

Hooray! We have finally have a cover and tracklisting for AI’s new album, Independent! It is currently slated for a February 22nd release. It will have 10 tracks, which is a little short :/ The nice thing is there was only one single – Happiness/Letter in the Sky. While both make an appearance on the album, I’m not at all annoyed about that. Both songs are incredible and deserve to be there – plus there’s still 8 new songs to look forward to 😀 Just a few days ago she posted a new song, which can be heard on her official Youtube page. I definitely like it a lot! If you’re not such a fan of R&B, you may think otherwise. Oh well, it’s not my intent to badger people to like things- rather to help expose them to new things they may enjoy 🙂 I’m just saying how I feel about it. I have no doubt this album will deliver! The cover looks amazing- very pleased with how that came out! Have a listen to her new song below, if you like


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