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Collection Update – Love Songs Limited Edition

Ok, so I’m trying to post more pictures of my music collection. I did a mini- photoshoot with a good amount of albums, and those should be coming shortly. Today we have Ayumi Hamasaki’s Love Songs limited edition šŸ˜€ This is probably one of my favorite collection items, however there is no trumping the Next Level usb- no matter how hard Avex tries! Anyways, this thing is huge! It’s like an LP on steroids! This edition comes with a usb, micro SD card, dvd, and a photobook. I do, however, have a couple of complaints. While this packaging is amazing, I wish they would have included the video content on the usb like they did with Next Level. I really enjoyed being able to plunk those right onto my ipod… Also, the micro SD only works for Japanese cell phones- so it basically just gets to be a museum piece šŸ˜› Not denying it’s awesomeness though! I think if I ever moved to Japan and got a cell phone from there, the first thing I would do is insert this thing in to see it in action. Besides that, the dvd and photobook are really nice! I didn’t take a picture of the dvd since it’s just a boring shade of pink. My only other complaint would be the music – I think Ayu took a bit of a step backwards. The album is very mellow and honestly the arrangements are a bit stale. It’s good, I was just hoping for a bit more… and her latest effort Five did not help her in the slightest. Anyways, enjoy the pics!


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