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Guess Who’s Back?… and She’s Brought a ‘Party Queen’ with Her >.>

Well, no big surprise that today is the day Ayumi Hamasaki decided to drop the bomb for her new album. It was pretty much imminent, and as expected it’s a lot of money and gimmicks >.> You don’t merely buy Ayu albums, you make an investment…  Apparently Ayu went to twitter to address one of the most heinous crimes in our lifetime – the album was not in fact named ‘Party queen’, it’s named ‘Party Queen.’ Glad we got that cleared up 😛 From the title and tracklist, this album honestly sounds like it’ll be a hot mess. I’m hoping not, but right now it’s not looking good. This is also due to the fact that nothing is affordable either. As expected, there are limited editions of this release- but it’s much more complicated this time. It’s like Rock’n’Roll Circus all over again – except this time it got a hold of some crack!  So obviously there’s the standard cd and the cd+dvd that contains the music videos and makings. Then there’s a Cd+dvd+2dvd – aka cd+dvd + Hotel Love Songs Concert. Not impressed… By the way, this version will run you 90 bucks- and that’s not even the most expensive one! Then there’s 2 limited box sets with yet another concert attached… So that makes it cd+dvd+2dvd+2dvd or 1 blu ray. Anyone in need of some e-aspirin yet? That’s right, you’ll also get the Ayumi Hamasaki ~Power of Music~ 2011 concert. How thrilling. So how much is this going to cost, you ask… Well, the dvd version will run you about $235. Such a nice number, isn’t it? And if you’re eyeing the blu ray edition, be prepared to pay about $250. Plus shipping! 😀 Obviously I won’t be funding such an expensive party, I’ll most likely fund a Hong Kong fiesta instead 😛 Way to go sanely priced Hong Kong press! So, will you be attending Ayu’s party? Discuss!

~Btw, credit for the picture goes to the Death Blog Bitches Aloud~ 😛


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