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Today in Singles!

Well, it looks like a lot of artists have been busy! We’ve got plenty of new singles for this release week- let’s start with the US, since there hasn’t been much going on there 😛 Firstly, Jennifer Hudson has a new collabo featuring Rick Ross and Ne-yo! Very pleased she’s back, and dang it’s a pretty hot song! This is actually made for the motion picture ‘Think Like a Man’- also the name of the song too LOL. Jessie James came out of left field with some new material! Pretty much lost interest in her when her album got released, but she brought it back with ‘When You Say My Name.’ Nice tune! Also a surprise to me, M.I.A is back!!! Happy to hear she’s going back to her more traditional style… her new track ‘Bad Girlz’ is a pretty decent song. Not my first choice from her, but it’s enjoyable. Hope my opinion will change with repeated listens! ~ OK! Now flying express to Japan! AI has released another promo single, ‘One Love.’ She already had a short preview of this on her official Youtube, and the song had a tie in with a charity fund. It’s very nice, but compared to her movie tie-in single it’s kinda meh. And capsule is finally letting us have some more info! They released their promo single ‘Step on the Floor’ today, which is rather enjoyable. It reminds me a lot of their track ‘Stay with You.’ It’s definitely a change from World of Fantasy, which is nice actually. I find it lame when artists just ride on the same sound forever. It’s very groovy and catchy, and Toshiko actually has more vocals! It seemed to me WOF focused a bit more on the sounds than usual. I also find it nice when others in any act under Yatsutaka Nakata actually get to do something, as he writes and arranges ALL of the tracks. That’s always a plus! ;P So yeah, this post is getting lengthy as it is- so I’ll stop here for today. Thanks for reading!


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