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Getting Hyped for ‘UNLOCKED’!

I was certainly not expecting to be excited about Meisa Kuroki’s forthcoming release. After a casual listen of the 2 digests (aka 2 second song blips) I wasn’t very impressed. However, after further listening and the release of extended previews, I have changed my tune. I’m actually quite excited for this release now! The songs sound pretty on point- my only gripes being that ‘S.O.S.’ is a bit oddly frantic and ‘Parade’ has an awkward chorus transition. Still, I’m looking forward to how the complete tracks will turn out. If possible, I would like to support the album if my wallet allows. I’ll definitely be abstaining from the Japanese versions this time around. They’re just way too expensive and not special enough in my opinion to warrant a fifty dollar investment… It’s kind of a shame the limited editions are standard cd case size. I was hoping they’d do something awesome, but following the Magazine editions was a pretty tall order anyway. The covers are nice and colorful… maybe a little too much so. I think Meisa looks great in them though- the regular version is pictured. I also think the text is a bit overbearing; it would have been nice if that was toned down substantially. Otherwise, I’m excited to hear the album in full. It should be a pretty solid record, and hopefully will be!


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