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Double Album Announcement Day!

Ok, some pretty big news today- both of which I was not expecting! Beni and May’n have both announced new releases today! Ironically, both will also be released on the same day of March 21st. Look’s like Ayumi’s got some competition! Well, not really, but after her first week her sales drop faster than Congress’ approval ratings 😛 Anyways, I’m actually pretty interested to see how these efforts will turn out. The nice surprise is that Beni is releasing a cover album, aptly named ‘Covers’, which is rather obvious given the picture. This is good news though, because it would be way too soon for another studio album and a best compilation would have just been boring. At least this will be original in the sense that they’re new Beni recordings! The external bonus ‘interchangeable booklet’ from Cdjapan sounds intriguing. It’s at least a nice change from the ‘alternate cover’ shtick. Now, switching to May’n. This will be her third album, and it’s called ‘Heat.’ Sounds pretty hot to me!- no pun intended. My only concern is how the songs will sound, as I wasn’t completely won over by the singles. I think ‘Scarlet Ballet’ turned out nice, but I’m not as thrilled with ‘Brain Driver.’ I guess we will just have to wait and see! Interested to see how the cover art and concept will turn out- sounds like it’ll be pretty awesome! This is also available for pre-order now, and as before it comes in 2 editions – cd and cd+dvd limited edition. Cdjapan is again offering a first press poster, as they did for her second release as well.  Hope these will both turn out to be fantastic!


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