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Ayumi Releases Latest Single

Ayu dropped the first and only single for her new album yesterday. Yes, ‘How Beautiful You Are’ is finally here. It’s actually a really well done track. From the couple preview snippets it seemed typical and boring, but it’s surprisingly good! The composition really makes this track- the ending is absolutely awesome! Well, grand would be a better word I suppose… I’m really thrilled she’s working with someone else to arrange this album- her material was getting way too stale and boring. Her vocals are a bit odd though. She’s always been one to be heavy on the vibratto and she also has a new vocal coach who seems to be making her sound a little bit unusual. Other than that, it’s a lovely track. The cover art is quite nice too; it complements the song very well. The one shocking thing about this is that this is a digital only release. I’m surprised she took this route, but makes that nice for me so I won’t be tempted to shell out extra money for a physical single copy. Maybe Party Queen won’t be such a mess after all!


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