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Imogen Returns!

… Well, she hasn’t really left- she just puts so much into her songs it seems like she’s been gone forever! I was floored when I saw a new single in My Alerts waiting for me Tuesday morning. I was both excited and worried, as ‘Neglected Space’ left me a bit dissatisfied. However, ‘Xizi She Knows’ delivers on all levels. I am loving the fusion of Chinese elements in this track, which is also appropriate considering she filmed a documentary in Hangzhou recently. I’m also very partial to anything oriental in general, so my ears were instantly won over. What I’m even more excited about is news about a new album! From what I’ve read, the  record should be dropping around September. While this seems very distant, I’m not dismayed about it at all. Imogen works very slowly and integrates so many elements into her recordings, the quality really shows. So, I will wait patiently for her to work her magic on all the new tracks. She said she would be incorporating more Asian sounds in this record, so that makes me even more excited! I was also surprised to find she had another single in between I never heard about. It’s called ‘Minds Without Fear.’ It’s pretty interesting, and certainly nothing we’ve heard from her before! The track has a heavy Indian influence, which is both entrancing and a little awkward. I still enjoy it though. Also, the video Imogen made for ‘Xizi She Knows’ is absolutely beautiful. The amazing shots and the way the Chinese culture is captured is quite stunning. Here it is below:


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