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Update Time!

Well, there are far too many things going on for me to make an individual post for all of them. So, I have decided to condense it all in this update here. It’s scary to think March is almost upon us… at least we still have AI’s ‘Independent’ to look forward to next week! So far I’m really impressed with the songs. The other week she released ‘One Love’ as a promo digital single, and this week it’s ‘Independent Woman.’ One Love is an excellent representation of her R&B style and why people love her so much. It’s a really pleasant and amazing track. Independent Woman is much edgier, and it took a little longer for me to get into it- still a very well done song though. Also, the other week, Miwa finally announced her second album ‘Guitarium.’ It’s currently slated for a March 14th release, so it’s only slightly less than a month away! I’ve loved all the singles of this era so far, and hopefully her album will be equally as spectacular! In other news, AKB48 has another million-seller with their new single ‘Give Me Five!’ Not a big surprise there… it sold 966k it’s first day and 120k on it’s second. Seriously, I don’t understand how these girls get such high sales so rapidly. Well, I guess this is mostly due to the fans buying lots of copies for the member photos. And so far, we can count on 12 tracks being on Marina’s new album. There was a rumored tracklisting flying about and one of the fans tweeted the record label about it. They replied that they would be on the album, but not in that order. Hopefully this means there will be more songs or a deluxe version available! So far though, Radioactive has not made the cut onto the album. In single news, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj have new singles- and I actually like them! I’ve been really worried about Nicki’s stuff lately because what’s she’s been releasing as of late has been horrible. Thankfully ‘Starships’ broke that streak! It’s ridiculously catchy and fun, and just pure awesome! Similarly, Katy’s single is pretty good too. She’s gotten a little overrated for my taste, but I think ‘Part of Me’ is a great track. I would highly recommend checking both songs out! Anyways, this entry is getting way too long so I’ll save other updates for another post. Hope you enjoyed my mini info rant and thank you for reading!


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