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Annoyingly Addictive – Dev’s ‘In My Trunk’

I have come to loathe anything produced by or featuring the Cataracs- every damn song they make sounds THE SAME and has the dumbest lyrics imaginable. I had heard this song a long time ago and hated it. For some reason, my opinion did a 360 after I watched the music video. Now it’s one of those catchy songs that keeps popping up in rotation on my ipod. I haven’t been the biggest fan of Dev either. I still think her first single ‘Bass Down Low’ is an abomination, but really enjoy ‘In the Dark,’ which was released quite a while ago. To be honest, I’m not completely sure why I like ‘In My Trunk’ so much. It exemplifies the annoying production and rigid repetitiveness the Cataracs seem to use heavily, yet I still like it. It honestly makes no sense. However, music has been that way a lot for me lately. I strongly dislike a song first time around, then happen to hear it months later and think it’s the best thing ever- I can’t explain it. I had this same reaction to Namie Amuro’s ‘Sit!Stay!Wait!Down!’ The preview just sounded so cheesy, mainly due to the stupid breakdown ‘Good boy, good boy, good boy, etc…’ at the end of the chorus. Then one day I thought the song was great. I still really dislike that breakdown, but it’s a catchy tune. Anyways, that’s my explanation for why this song seems to be a fluke and I’m actually not dying to turn it off… Have at it ;P


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