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New Singles and Albums! + New Life Delayed Again…

Hello again! I apologize for my couple days of absence. A LOT has happened since I last posted. Too much new stuff coming out! Let’s start with singles- Marina has finally made good on her promise and has released her song ‘Homewrecker’ to her fans! Simply put, it’s fantastic. Codes to get the song were given at a live event of hers and anyone signed up for her email alerts should get it by Monday. Out of the blue Carrie Underwood has a new single, ‘Good Girl.’ Probably my favorite song of hers in a long time. Santigold has a second promo single out, ‘Disparate Youth.’ If ‘Big Mouth’ left you with a bitter taste, you will probably enjoy this song much more. It’s pretty awesome. Still find it ridiculously hilarious that people hate Big Mouth simply because Santi ‘disses’ Gaga and Katy Perry in it. Seriously, get over it.

Time for albums! It has come to my attention a trifecta of awesomeness is on it’s way. First off, Carrie Underwood has announced a new effort for May 1st. I guess this makes the single release a little less surprising, but it still seems a bit sudden. And probably the best news of the year so far, Missy Elliott and Timbaland finally have new releases for June! I’m mainly excited for Missy’s album since it was /supposed/ to be released in 2007, then suffered a bunch of push-backs and disappeared. Super pumped to hear this will actually be coming out! As far as I’m aware, the album is still to be called ‘Block Party.’ Now we just need Eve’s album and it’ll be an ’07 revival year 😛 I also learned today Monica’s ‘New Life’ was pushed back yet again. It initially was supposed to release February 21st, which then became March 6th. It looks as of now to be April 10th, however her site arbitrarily states ‘Spring 2012.’  I really hope for Monica’s sake this doesn’t suffer a Ciara and basically be pushed back half a year. Too many can really hurt the album as well as open the door for premature leaks.  Still excited for this though! Lastly, the Ting Tings second record is finally coming to the US! It has already been out a while in other parts of the world, and it’s called ‘Sounds from Nowheresville.’ The band members appear as zombies on the cover – a little cool, and a little not. I haven’t snatched this from online yet, but I have listened to the previews on iTunes. To me, it’s so much stronger than their first effort. I hope the States will give it some good success when it drops here March 13th!


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  1. I agree, the new Tings album is really fun! Also looking forward to the new Santigold album in May. Nice blog you have here 🙂


    March 19, 2012 at 3:26 am

    • Thanks! I enjoyed your blog a lot too 🙂 Nice review!

      March 19, 2012 at 4:24 am

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