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Party Queen Covers Revealed…

…and the verdict is

Unfortunately, my suspicions that the cover art would be a train wreck came true… I was hoping after the elegant jacket for ‘How Beautiful You Are,’ Party Queen would be referring to a higher, classier ‘queen.’ Obviously those hopes were asking way too much. At least they’re not completely trashy, but I was surprised by the Cd+dvd+2dvd cover. I guess she’s trying to channel Koda Kumi or make some statement as a newly single lady. I guess it’s more that these don’t look as great as album covers. I think it’s mostly the gaudy accents that make this displeasing- and the composition.  The composition could have been better for the cd+dvd and cd+dvd+2dvd covers. Not digging the close up with a lampshade cameo in the background. Also, those strips of Leopard print and the 13th album sticker really kill it IMO. The cd only version is actually pictured quite nicely though. Here the elements work pretty well, so that one does look nice. It’s also the only cover I would consider owning if I decide to spring for this later. Still, on the whole I’m very disappointed with how these turned out. The limited box editions look even more tacky, and I’m so glad I never had a remote thought of purchasing one of those. Oh well, here’s hoping the music will be miles better than this display…

CD Only



Box Set


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