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New Santigold & Marina Info- It’s About Time!

I’m very happy to report that Santigold has finally given us some more news! I suspected something had to be coming soon, since her first single ‘Disparate Youth’ hit iTunes a couple weeks ago. Well, the wait is over for the artwork and release date! The official cover for Master of My Make Believe is pictured left. To be honest I was expecting something obnoxious a la M.I.A, but this is a nice surprise. Apparently she’s re-creating a famous work of art, so sources say. The album is slated to drop May 1st- just a day after Marina! I’m quite thrilled more and more artists are finally shaping out albums and actually preparing to release them! The tracklisting hasn’t been announced yet, but I’d expect that in a few weeks or so. As I reported earlier, Marina’s Electra Heart is due April 30th and has finally unveiled the cover art and standard tracklisting. The album will have 12 tracks, but there is also a 16 track deluxe whose 4 extra songs have not been revealed yet. There are rumors floating around that it will include Radioactive and Scab & Plaster, but they have not been confirmed or denied at this time. I won’t have an issue with any as long as they’re not remixes, because those just make a deluxe release an insult. It would be cool if Radioactive was included though. Still hoping that ‘Su-Barbie-A’ will be a track. even though it’s very doutful at this point… Also, if you haven’t checked out her pre-release track, Homewrecker, you seriously need to! Now to wait and see if and when a pre-order becomes available… I will announce that here if/when that happens. Speaking of pre-orders, how about some more info Alicia? *cough cough

Electra Heart Tracklisting:

1. Bubblegum Bitch

2. Primadonna

3. Lies

4. Homewrecker

5. Starring Role

6. The State of Dreaming

7. Power and Control

8. Living Dead

9. Teen Idle

10. Valley of the Dolls

11. Hypocrates

12. Fear and Loathing


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