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Release Overload!!!!

I do apologize for my absence, but so much has been happening! I seriously can’t keep up anymore. Above are just a handful of releases I am excited about, and a few I have just recently heard in full. Capsule’s Stereo Worxxx was released last week and honestly fell a little short of my expectations. It’s still a nice album, but it wasn’t as strong as World of Fantasy in my opinion. My main problem was that there was a serious lacking of Toshiko this time around, and well as a couple eh tracks followed by the audio abomination of the year, ‘Dee J.’ Way to start things off positive! Anyway, I just got to hear 2 new releases in full today- Miwa’s Guitarium and Ayumi’s Party Queen. Both delivered nicely. Guitarium is a nice blend of Miwa styles and is a pleasant and fun listen; definitely in contention for my top 20 of 2012! I think out of all the new tracks Futari no Saturday, againxagain, and jexxxa are the major standouts. The rest of the album is amazing too. Highly recommended! As for Party Queen, I was very pleasantly surprised. After the horrible jacket covers I wasn’t sure what this album was going to be, but it turned out rather nicely (musically speaking). Most of the album is quite good, certainly an upgrade from Love Songs and Five. Out of all the 14 tracks (3 of those being interludes) I was only disappointed with 2 songs – NaNaNa and Eyes, Smoke, Magic. I know a lot of people are digging NaNaNa, and it /would/ be amazing if the rest of the track was on caliber with the chorus. There’s just way too much talking and nonsense in between that makes this kind of filler. I’m hoping my opinion will change on this soon. Eyes, Smoke, Magic sounds like it was stolen from a Liza Minelli production. I applaud Ayu for diversifying, but this song is just not my cup of tea at all. While the mid-section of the album features standard Ayu fare, it’s very well done and is the highlight of the album. This record is a lot more cohesive than Rock’n’Roll Circus aka Rock’n’Random.

There’s also been a slough of April 30th-early May releases popping up. Already adding to Marina and Santigold, Carrie Underwood and Norah Jones are now part of the mix. I hope Carrie’s record will live up to it’s title ‘Blown Away’ and blow us all away! I think Good Girl is her strongest lead single yet, and if the rest of the album is on par with this it will be fantastic. My only gripe so far is she looks a bit awkward on the cover. I’m now intrigued by Norah Jones’ upcoming effort. The lead single Happy Pills is an awesome track and the cover is killer. I was left disappointed by her last effort, so I hope she really delivers this time. And now I’m completely stoked for Electra Heart! Marina surprised us all and released the music video for the first official single, Primadonna. I think the track is excellent. I’m loving the variety of material so far and can’t wait to hear the rest! I highly recommend checking this song out. I also was able to find an album preview of Britt Nicole’s third album, Gold. It sounds pretty nice so far, especially the title track. I will definitely have to give this record some attention upon release. Still interested in hearing Mayn’s Heat. I hope there won’t be a lot of frantic tracks like Brain Driver on there, or I may end up not liking this at all.

And the best news for last! Finally a release date for Perfume’s new single was confirmed last week! I knew it couldn’t be too far behind the release of the Kirin cm. It is set to drop April 11th, which is great news. In a little less than a month we will have new material! I think this is the shortest wait for one of their singles thus far. Then again, nothing can beat the excruciating 3 month wait for Laser Beam. The single is called ‘Spring of Life’ and sounds absolutely superb. Now it has surfaced today that its partner track will be ‘Point’ and it will be featured in a new Kirin cm. The limited edition is set to come with a sleeve case and the first press for both the limited and regular will be a poster. Very curious to see the covers! So, that concludes my music update rant for the moment. Hope it was an enjoyable read and please stay tuned for more updates! Thanks! 😀

EDIT: Actually, it looks like Point will not be the coupling track for Spring of Life. From what has been stated, the song has yet to have a release date. Sorry for my misinformation…


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