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Perfume Reveals Covers + Named Hosts of the VMAJs!

Today has been an exciting one indeed. Lots more Perfume news! Their new single ‘Spring of Life’ has finally gotten its cover art and a short 18 second teaser of the video has been released. It features a different part of the song, which sounds quite edgier than I expected. Then again, songs usually turn out much differently from their 20 second chorus clip… The video looks intriguing though. Can’t wait to see this in full! The simplicity of the covers is really nice; loving the retro touch right now. It’s very reminiscent of their early single covers. The B-side of the single has yet to be announced though. If that’s not enough, the song will air on their radio show Thursday night aka Thursday morning stateside. I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be able to listen to this, because I have to leave for school in the morning and last time Tokyo FM wasn’t available on the Keyhole TV list. So now comes the seemingly long 2 day wait 😛 Also, it has been announced that Perfume will be MCing the MTV VMAJs June 23rd! This is seriously exciting news. Their promo pics look absolutely amazing- I almost wish this were for a single or album cover. I’m hoping this will be available on Ustream, and knowing my luck it’ll broadcast at 4 in the morning my time. Oh well, here’s to hoping that’s not quite the case!

Limited Edition (CD+DVD)

Regular Edition (CD Only)

And here’s the teaser video:


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