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Meisa Returns with a ‘FRENEMY’

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting a new Meisa song so soon. Especially due to the fact her album dropped in late February, plus all of her marriage/pregnancy nonsense with Jin Akinishi. After it was rumored and then confirmed they were married and Meisa was 2 months along, both their respective companies took ‘action.’  While this isn’t big news in the US by any standards, the Japanese culture is much different and recording contracts regarding relationships are strictly enforced. All of Meisa’s live appearances were cancelled- that is until a day or so ago. So, now we have a new song entitled ‘FRENEMY’ and some iphone dancing dog items that are being plugged. With any Meisa video, there’s bound to be a product tie-in; be it a Subaru or these digital dynomutts… The song is actually pleasantly nice. It’s nothing new from her, but it’s good. Apparently this will be a digital only release, which wouldn’t be a huge surprise since her album and last physical single had pretty pitiful sales. Well, it’s nice her company is letting her do stuff again. As for her new hubby, they cancelled his tour and are holding him responsible for the money it cost to rent the venues. Anyways, back to the song…. check it out below 😛



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