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Roman Gets ReLoaded

With music announcements happening right and left, I completely forgot about Nicki Minaj’s upcoming release. Yes, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded will be a full new album. And when I say full, I mean FULL. Roman will conveniently come in standard and deluxe formats, oh and did I mention the standard has 19 songs? That’s right. 19 original songs- no remixes, no nonsense! While I love this, excess tracks always make me worry that the songs will turn out half-assed. The deluxe will have 3 more original songs, making for a grand total of 22. Nicki also released a 22 minute preview of all the tracks. To me, it almost feels like she’s trying to pull a Beyonce I am/Sasha Fierce nonsense. The first 9 tracks are rap oriented and most are pretty gritty. 10 and beyond are completely pop. I do like the feel to this though. I was hoping for a more rap-oriented Nicki, but for the most part a majority of the material sounds promising. Of course, I will have to listen to this in full before I make a verdict. It’ll definitely be interesting though! The album drops April 3rd. Check out the previews below :



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