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Misia Invades the US!

Seriously, if you have not heard anything by Misia you need to rectify that immediately! She a truly amazing and gifted artist, with arguably one of the best voices ever. She also just performed in Washington DC this week on March 25th for the National Cherry Blossom Festival opening ceremony! Here she sang several songs including: Ashita e, Everybody, and Can’t Take My Eyes off You. The performance was killer! She seriously blew the roof off the place- and no, you don’t need a giant egg or bubble piano to seal the deal. That’s right Lady Gaga, I went there. In my humble opinion, America is in dire need of Japanese music and it finally seems like it’s starting to trickle in. Heck, if Perfume can be on itunes anything is possible. Which brings me to my next point… Misia is now on itunes US! They added her three latest releases: Just Ballade, Soul Quest, and Forest Covers. I am seriously excited about this, because more people can finally experience exceptional music like hers. Also, it allows me to purchase her content at sane American prices. Slowly but surely, more artists are making their way onto itunes. It’s an amazing step forward and I hope her label continues to make more content available in the future. Check out the performance of her song ‘Ashita e’ below!


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