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Artist Overload! (Again)

I’m sorry it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. The end of my spring semester is approaching and soon I’ll have a bit more free time to do things. Anyway, a LOT has been going on. The past two weeks have been choc-full of new album leaks and release announcements. I am highly anticipating next week, since 4 amazing albums will be dropping. First of all, Marina & the Diamonds’ Electra Heart is finally coming out! It’s been a long few months since her original announcement, and now the date is almost upon us! She truly is a remarkable artist, and so far all the previews sound incredible. I have a feeling this will be the pop album of the year- well, for me at least. Also, so happy I’ve finally been able to hear Santigold’s Master of My Make Believe. It’s been 4 years since her first record, and that extra time has really paid off. The production quality is off the charts and the tracks are very in-depth and meaningful. I was worried we’d never get another album from her in this century, but it has definitely been worth the wait! So far my favorites are Fame, Disparate Youth, Go, and The Keepers. Carrie Underwood’s new album is now available for streaming this week on itunes! I’ve gotten through 12 of the 14 tracks so far, and I have to say this is such a step up from Play On. I really liked Play on at first, but then it just became stale and boring. However, Blown Away has so much more life in it. It really captures that country flavor, while remaining catchy and relatively mainstream. Completing this quadruple sandwich of amazingness is Norah Jones’ latest work, Little Broken Hearts. I was left unimpressed with her previous effort, so I have much higher hopes for this record. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve been able to listen to so far. Hopefully the rest of the album will be as amazing. And very quickly, we’ve gotten two more album announcements! Nelly Furtado finally broke her silence and has a new record due June 19th titled The Spirit Indestructible. Sounds pretty damn cool. She released the lead single ‘Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)’ the other week. I like the track a lot; the production and musicality is quite catchy. My only problem is with her vocals in some parts, because they are extra nasal-y and grating on the ears at times. Also, Namie Amuro finally dropped the bomb about a new LP. So far it is untitled, but it is slated for a June 27th release. I knew it was only a matter of time before she would announce this, since she has released an obscene amount of singles for this era. As I predicted, the album is predominantly the singles. It has 13 tracks- only 4 of them being new. The part I find odd is that these new songs are the first 4 on the album itself. Way to integrate the new material! Anyways, that is my main rant for now. I have more releases to discuss for another time, so please hang in there. Thanks!


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