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Kaela Returns with a New Single!

As expected, I completely lost it when I heard Kaela was coming out with a new single. She’s one of the few /REALLY GOOD/ unique and quirky artists who sounds great and grabs your attention. She doesn’t need to pull out an arsenal on the level of Lady Gaga to stand out. She stays true to her own style, and that’s what I love about her. Her new single ‘Mamireru’ is slated to drop May 16th. Apparently it means ‘smeared,’ which would explain why she’s completely pink on the cover. And yes, it does look a bit scary. However, the song is freaking awesome! It and its coupling track ‘BMX’ have already been released on the radio and can be found online. It’s really nice that both songs are on the same level of awesomeness; each are absolutely infectious and upbeat. Mamireru is  influenced by synths and random sounds, while BMX is more natural and dominated by the guitar and drums. The music video for Mamireru was released last week, bringing with it the usual Kaela flair. While I really dislike pink, she seriously rocks it.  That cannot be said for pretty much 95% of people. So yes, I’m very excited for this release. I already ordered the cd/dvd limited edition. The dvd will have 12 songs from her live performances at the Ebisu Liquid Room from December 2011. Finally, a dvd that actually has content! Most singles come with one music video, and the making of if you’re lucky. Not to mention the skyrocketed sticker price- I’m talking to you Namie Amuro! D:< Anyways, check out the video and songs below. Hope you enjoy!

Mamireru PV:





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